The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled us to stay indoors. Though many adults are able to adjust to the circumstances, it has been quite difficult for students. The students are used to interactive and lively classes and unending gossips with their friends. It is difficult for them to stare at a screen for hours and understand the same way they used to do in class. The senior students are also missing out on their practical learning due to the pandemic. There are even instances when an intruder intrudes an online class and disrupts it. In order to make distance learning more interactive, helpful and secure we created SchoolAR

What it does

SchoolAR is a comprehensive application that has :- AR-based Coursework- We have created AR based models of various chapters in the general curriculum to aid teachers in teaching. AR-based Science Labs- Students can view and perform science experiments anytime, anywhere! ML-based Class Security- To prevent intruders from disrupting classes we provide a face detection technology.

How we built it

We build the AR components using EchoAR and Unity. For the face detection part, we used Jupyter Notebook. To make the website we used Wix.

Challenges we ran into

The face detection program did not get debugged fully and did not get the required time and resources to train.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully used EchoAR to create the project. We also tried Machine Learning with face detection technology for the first time

What we learned

We learnt the use of EchoAR and Machine Learning

What's next for SchoolAR

We plan to add more features to our application and create it into an online education system that can complement the classroom teaching after the pandemic settles. We plan to give students the experience of school from the comfort of their homes.

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