As students who work closely in the education field, we collectively agreed that there needed to be new ways to engage children to learning.

What it does

we proposed a new website where students would be assigned games that taught the students subconsciously while they have fun an unlock new levels with harder materials

How we built it

We finally accomplished the program by converting it into windows forms app.

Challenges we ran into

We had a few issues trying to get a server to run a website on. We also had a few issues trying to find the best platform to use to make the application more accessible to students and teachers in the public school system.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we are proud that we have most of the back end coding done. we hope to work more on the user interface and user experience and try that into a working domain.

What we learned

We learned the different aspects of multiple softwares such as unity, androidsourcedevelopment and even! We learned exactly what each of these worked best for and how they might be best integrated into our idea.

What's next for school4cool

We will work on integrating this idea into more accessible formats, such as a web app, or even a mobile app. We will focus primarily on android before working our way to ios.

Built With

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