We were talking to a Vice Principal of a school and tossing a few ideas around as we were trying to validate an idea, and we found out that a real problem in schools is that kids always lose their pocket money, and either teachers have to pay for it or the school has a pay-back system that the parents have to get a paper-slip from their child. We also found that parents would like to know what their children are buying at the canteen as they are sometimes hungry from after school.

What it does

It allows parents to:

  • Allow parents to give children money to buy food without giving them cash
  • Allow parents to track what their child buys at school'
  • Doesn't allow children to lose money
  • Discourages bullying and theft of pocket money
  • Stop children from going hungry if they forget pocket money/lunch

How we built it

We built it over a weekend using ruby-on-rails for the front-end web development. We allow for PCI compliance by using Braintree to allow parents to make secure payments. When children/parents make payments to the school/canteen provider, we have used Paypal's MassPay API.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time to get in contact with possible clients (schools) on a weekend, to verify the idea. We were lucky to meet a Vice Principle who emailed our number onto the Vice President of the P&C at Unanderra Public School, who validated our idea and scheduled a meeting with us.

We had a large problem with time, as we had a few original ideas which after we spoke to two businesses, found that it wasn't needed. Thanks to the ease of ruby-on-rails, Braintree and Paypal, we were able to get a suitable product out in time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to contact people in the industry using our contacts and cold-calling to validate/invalidate ideas really quickly, to find out what was worth building and what was not worth building.

What's next for School Wallet

We have a meeting scheduled with one client, we now have to get our product to a usable state and test it with NFC/RFID technologies and see what works with each child and parent. We will also have to do more testing to ensure the atomicity of transactions and to make that it is stable before we implement this solution.

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