As I saw many students not being able to provide appropriate materials, such as “Oh no, I wasn’t able to bring my calculator because we weren’t able to afford it.” or “Sorry, I couldn’t find the correct materials”, this happens to a lot of students, mainly because of COVID. I wanted to make a stop to this, so students still get their rightful education!

What it does

My project, specifically is a website. This website provides many school materials online. This includes, a calculator, a calendar, and a to-do list. This should allow students to be organized, as well as getting easy access to school supplies.

How we built it

I worked on this project solo, so I had to make appropriate adjustments, during the time frame. I first started with brainstorming/researching current issues related to education, because I am extremely passionate about the level of education a student gets access to! By doing so, I used an online notepad, to record my thoughts. To make my project look aesthetic, I had to brainstorm the look on Google Slides. Then, I used as an online coding platform. I used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as coding languages, for creating this website.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout the project I ran into many challenges. Especially, when I had to finish this project in the 24-hour time zone. One of the main challenges was getting to the JavaScript. I have coded many projects with JavaScript, but not this advanced just yet. Another challenge that I faced in this hackathon, was the styling of the website. I put the CSS last, and had to hurry the styling section, as well as also making it look good!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of, first of all, allowing my website to help students all over the world, and not just a section of the world. I am also proud of accomplishing my goal, which is to be more efficient in JavaScript, and to actively create something that can positively impact someone’s life!

What we learned

I learned a huge ton of JavaScript, thanks to this hackathon! I also learned there are more issues around the world, that we can fix, only if we try hard enough. Not only is COVID-19 the main problem, but access to school supplies can also be a hard problem!

What's next for School Tools

I am hoping to, first, improve the look of the website, to catch more people’s attention, which allows this website to make a change in more people’s lives! I am also hoping to add more online school supplies on this website, so not only will it be able to help with math, or allowing you to be more organized and accessible, it will also provide more supplies like: an online notebook (that saves), a drawing tool (to visualize aspects), appropriate-aged textbooks (for students who may not be able to afford or collect their textbooks), etc….

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