When school was in person I was a perfect attendance kid who was never late to class but when classes hit online I found myself being late to classes and missing classes just because I forgot the schedule or just blanked out on class. So we wanted to find a way to fix/solve this problem, so we came up with a school schedule texter.

What it does

This texter program will read the current date and time and if I have a class it will remind me 5 minutes before the class, then it will remind the user a minute before the class with the link to the online session. This program also sends a filled-out link for attendance so all you need to do is press the link and hit submit and the attendance is filled rather than having to fill them out one by one each time.

How I built it

We used a send script for the applescript that we found online and then we wrote the python part that used the apple script to send the text after every if statement that checked the date and time.

Challenges I ran into

It was very challenging to figure out applescript since there is not too much information to learn about it. We also had trouble with figuring out how to keep the program running until we learned about pythons time class that let us put the program to sleep every 60 seconds.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that my team was able to learn a lot and actually create a program that we will actually use.

What I learned

I learned a ton about applescript and how to play around with apple and what restrictions they give the developer. My teamed learned a whole lot and many of them went from very very basic knowledge to be able to contribute and help create a useful program.

What's next for SchoolItAll

This program has a lot it can evolve with like taking a user input and allowing them to schedule their classes and put in their own links. This will take a lot more research but will definitely hopefully be done by receiving user input via text/imessage.

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