The following salient features were taken into consideration while conceptualizing and building our application as part of this developer challenge:

  1. Context and flow

We feel that it’s very important for a User Interface to project and preserve the context for the user from step to step. You would see that we took the liberty of making changes in terms of order from the original hardcopy form. Some examples are:

a. Starting off with the user identification rather than ending with it.

b. Only present the data elements that are required for the user rather than inundating them with several data elements.

  1. Simplicity and intuitiveness

We believe that almost every application can be made simple even with a complex data capture requirements. The idea is to showcase the simplicity of the application and provide intuitive cues and navigation for the users. We’ve tried to accomplish that through out the application. Here are some examples:

a. Capturing the frequency of pay cycle prior to the pay amount. We didn’t want the user to figure out to report weekly, monthly and have to multiply it.

b. Intuitive step by step help on the right hand side of each section so the guidelines are right there next to the form elements.

  1. Usability and coherence

No web application in this age can be made just for the desktop browser. Mobile phone proliferation and the ability to access any website using a mobile browser makes it necessary for a web application to be responsive. This has become an implied requirement. We’ve implemented mobile device responsiveness as a founding principle for this application.

  1. Quick and easy

The application has been built using a single page model. This eliminates the need for the user to go through multiple page navigations. Also, each section is introduced, as they are ready to input that section taking the overwhelming nature out of the equation. Also, the number of repeated elements is presented based on user choice. For instance, rather than presenting 5 rows for child information, the application drives it dynamically by the number of children the user chooses.

  1. Standards and scalability

In addition to the usability and user experience guidelines, we’ve also incorporated subtle security features such as captcha input to eliminate bot submissions. The technology stack is also very scalable with respect to lightweight toolkit Angular.js and MongoDB as the NoSQL database on the backend. The application is hosted on AWS.

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