In 2012 State of the Union address, our president has pleaded to “give (schools) the resources to keep good teachers on the job.” With School Journal, all of us will have an opportunity to respond with a helping hand. Individuals and businesses will be able to gain knowledge about the needs of San Diego public schools and address them accordingly. Schools will be able to request things like warm clothing for low income families, sports equipment for their teams, tables for cafeteria, or innovative technological solutions for their classrooms.

Anyone who wants to be involved in San Diego public schools can have access to this information. Parents, non-profit organizations, start ups, volunteers, donors, all of us. We will be able to see the list of school needs and provide the schools with our help and solutions.

In 2010 US Department of Education called for “fostering innovation and accelerating success.” With School Journal’s more efficient way of communicating school needs, we all can help with education of our children and improve our future.

Application Platform: School Journal is built using HTML5 technology which supports multiple platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android, and most popular web browsers.

Data: is extracted from SANDAG California Department of Education Public School Database.

Application Description: School Journal’s main page has a map with all public schools in San Diego. Each school listing shows details about school’s requests. Requests can be entered, modified, or deactivated by school administrators only. Schools and corresponding administrators are extracted from SANDAG Public School Database.

User Types: All Users: this is all of us interested in helping San Diego public schools. Parents, non-profit organizations, start ups, volunteers, donors will be able to see schools requests.

Administrators: are users provided in SANDAG Public School Database. These are registered users with rights to add, edit, and deactivate old requests. Administrators can update requests for their own school only.

Main Components:

Map - shows all San Diego public schools from California Department of Education Public School Database. Each school displays its own requests.

Log In - School Administrators can add, edit, or deactivate old requests by providing their email address and password via Log In page. Administrators can modify requests for their own school only.

Register - California Department of Education Database public school records contains Administrators email addresses for each school. In case of lost or forgotten passwords, Administrators can select their school from drop down list, and password will be send to the email address listed for a specified school in the database. In case a school is not listed in the drop down list, Administrators have to contact California Department of Education and request that their school be added to the database. In case Administrators do not receive their passwords, they would have to contact California Department of Education and requests that their email be updated in the database.

Next Steps:

  1. Contacting and asking school administrators to submit requests for their schools.

  2. Making San Diego public aware of School Journal.

School Journal will allow everyday heroes and companies to contribute to our schools' success. With School Journal, we can make a difference by giving a helping hand to teachers who work tirelessly to make a difference. School Journal will unleash new opportunities, add new jobs, start new companies, and contribute to overall San Diego economy.

Note: currently only two schools have requests:

  1. KIPP Adelante located at 1475 Sixth Avenue, 2nd Floor, CA, San Diego, 92101. To test Kipp Adelante administrative features, login with credentials

  2. Ericson Elementary located at 11174 Westonhill Drive, CA, San Diego, 92126-1943. To test Ericson Elementary administrative features, use credentials

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