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In Italy, the announcement had been so sudden that schools had few plans or resources in place to teach remotely, so we were working at home with few ideas from the first day. In the last months, we all experienced remote learning and tested several solutions to manage it in case of another emergency. Our experience of digital learning environments helped us to set up the best possible organization for our schools. Nevertheless, we are aware that students need to work together and experience real hands-on activities. This is why the best way to come back to school is a blended learning environment.

What it does: This is a set of proposals that help schools to manage safety and learning environment organization when they will let students in again.

How I built it: We have just written down main ideas and we collaborate on going into details. We live in the school every day so we know the problems we are going to face once we will back in the classroom.

Challenges I ran into: Nor did many Italian teachers seem to know how to approach this new world in which they found themselves and change our mind about school organization! We are facing extraordinary times we need tough changes, time to think outside the box; this is the main challenge. We have to modify our school organizations, providing personal protective equipment and distancing. Education needs an efficient organization and this is not easy due to the fact that school is a very complex system with thousands of different situations and most of them are “old fashion” very challenging to break out.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

We are collaborating as a team for the first time, but we have been inspiring each other for a long time. All of us were involved in school innovation and we started from practical problems to be solved. Big problems can be solved by dividing them into smaller problems and solving one by one. We are so proud that just in one weekend we come into three different solutions to come back at school safe. Innovation in school can be enhanced by teachers who collaborate together and share their experience and ideas. Collaboration is the key!

What we learned: But if Italian schools weren’t perfect, they were surely better than nothing. The idea that we now had to recreate formal education within the physical presence of the students is challenging, sometimes just a picture in front of the screen. We lacked the time, energy or even knowledge to replace teachers. The solutions proposed for the post-COVID emergencies lessons will help the school community to learn how to come back school safely, in addition, this way of remote-learning has improved teachers’ technological skills and will be helpful to support digital innovations in schools in an ordinary situation. All of us have learnt something new from others or have improved them!

What's next for SCHOOL IS GREAT! Come back to school and enjoy classroom life safe!

Fighting the invisible enemy! What are the prospects of SCHOOL IS GREAT! Fight the invisible enemy Students and families are not enjoying this quarantine period! So we can do things to get back to school safely First of all, a pen with many functions, a protective helmet and a manual with all the behaviours to follow for a safe school life!

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