School posts the cafe menu for each month on facebook or via a flyer. One have to keep going back to the menu to see what kids would have for breakfast and lunch. Hence thought of lessening the burden of figuring this out using Alexa.

What it does

Tells you the breakfast or lunch menu for any day in the current month. You can ask Alexa to Open the application by saying -

  • "Alexa Launch CPA Cafe" Or "Alexa Open CPA Cafe"
  • Alexa will help you by letting you know how you can get to the desired menu,
  • For e.g.: What do I have for Lunch tomorrow? OR Tell me about Breakfast menu next Monday. etc.
  • Alexa Launch CPA Cafe and ask about Breakfast next Tuesday
  • Alexa Open CPA Cafe and ask about Lunch tomorrow

How I built it

Built this using -

  • LAMBDA Function on AWS
  • JSON
  • Node JS

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Hopefully this will help parents to figure out breakfast and lunch menus easily -

What's next for School Cafe

  • Automate the school menu entry
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