Inspiration: As high school students, we noticed the problem of disorganization and confusion among many of our schools' clubs, sports teams and administration when booking spaces for meetings or practices.

What it does: Our site correlates information from different schools onto one page allowing for easy access and view.

How we built it: We downloaded a text editing program called brackets and from there, did a blend of learning how to use the program and using our code to create something new.

Challenges I ran into: The most experienced member of our group, a second year cs student at UofT, had to leave us due to unfortunate circumstances, and we were required to make changes to our idea that aligned with our limited skill set. In addition, we struggled with the implementation of physical markers onto our Google Map, as we could only get one marker to show up where we wanted to have all the schools' locations visible.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: We never used our knowledge of web development language in a real-time, real world experience until this project, and were forced to do it on the spot.

What we learned: Use all the resources that you have available to you. As first time hackers with little experience, we had to use many sources such as mentors, Google, and the hackers around us, all of which we feel have been a great asset to us; we have used them to our greatest advantage and has brought our hack to another level.

What's next for School Board Information Site: After more development and making the website look more presentable, we could possibly see it being used as the YCDSB website in the future, providing a more user-friendly experience

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