There exists a lot of education problems in todays society. For our project We want students throughout their college career to have easier time finding and applying for scholarships.

What it does

The user signs in, uploads their information, then on submit, the application would return a list of scholarships that have been recommended to the user.

How I built it

As a team of four, we built the front-end using Angular2, for the backend we used Django as our server side language, and computation.

Challenges I ran into

finding and implementing datasets, compile errors while building. Ideally we wanted to have graphs using Charts.js, but we had a hard time implementing them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating API's calls, designing the User interface.

What I learned

Learning how to make restful calls with angular2 and django as well as using angular2 material to organize data.

What's next for ScholarshipRecommendator

Finish the Application

Built With

  • angular2
  • angular2material
  • django
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