Once the winners of the scholarships were announced, it was suggested that some of us should make an app together to allow us to get to know each other and to allow us to check out the projects that we all made.

What it does

The app shows a list of all of the winners that have registered at, and users can view a short bio, their location, contact details, and the numbers of times they have attended WWDC. The app also features a short intro inspired by the famous Steve Jobs quote. A map view is available so users can view scholar locations from all around the world and can quickly see which cities feature the most winners.

How I built it

We created a website using HTML, CSS and PHP to allow scholarship winners to sign up and view profiles from a browser. The website syncs with which then syncs with the iOS app. We also used a variety of 3rd part libraries for a few of the UI elements.

Challenges I ran into

We only had around 10 days to complete and submit the app and website before the event, so our time was very limited.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was the first iOS app that I had worked with a team on, so it was great to work with such a talented team of developers. It was also a huge achievement to be featured on Apple's website - Many Apple and IBM employees also complemented us on our app and were very impressed by the UI.

What I learned

I learned a massive amount while developing this app. It was the first time I had used version control as a team, Auto Layout,, 3rd party libraries and more.

What's next for Scholars of WWDC

We will be updating the app to improve a few areas that had to be rushed to get the app completed. We will also be adding the ability to switch between different years of winners.

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