Once the 2015 scholarship winners were announced, a small group of us decided to develop an app together. The goal, was that in creating the app, we would get to know each other and the app would provide a platform upon which we could showcase our submissions.

What it does

The app presents a list of scholarship winners who have registered at Users can check out their bio, where they are from, contact details and their background. The app also features a short intro inspired by one of Steve Jobs' famous quotes. A map view provides additional insight into the scale of the scholarship program and the diversity of winners.

How we built it

We began by creating a website to allow scholarship winners to sign up and view the profiles of others online. We then created an application which mirrors the content of the website, with some additional functionality. Both the website and the application sync with CloudKit.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was that in 2015, we only had around 10 days to build and publish the project before WWDC. This led to significant time pressure in the run up to the event!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was the first application with which I worked with a team. It was a fantastic experience to work with such a talented team of developers. It was also a huge achievement to be featured at during the pre-livestream keynote blog. We also received overwhelmingly positive feedback, with people excited about the application and Apple employees complimentary of our work.

What I learned

Using version control within a team for the first time certainly involved a learning curve.

What's next for Scholars of WWDC

Each year, we update the application to add new functionality, so expect to see new features on an annual basis!

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