While there are a plethora of existing scholarship websites that present people with ongoing scholarship applications, they often feel cluttered and require users to create their own excel files/calendar entries to keep track of due dates. Since these are also websites, any reminder notifications would be sent through email and likely get lost, leading most applications to be incomplete. Our goal with ScholarCruise is to create a simple and fun app that makes the scholarship search and application process a bit easier.

What it does

ScholarCruise is an app that matches and presents users with scholarships they're eligible for. After creating a profile with some basic information (education, program, etc.), ScholarCruise would scholar-ship the users with qualifying scholarships to which they can choose whether or not they wish to save for later. There is also a fun and intuitive feature that allows users to swipe on the scholarships similar to apps such as Tinder and Bumble. Finally, since it is a mobile app, notifications will reach the applicants in a quicker and more effective way because email notifications are simply not enough.

How we built it

The prototype was built through Figma and we began coding some of it on Android Studio with Java.

Challenges we ran into

Since it was our first time working with both Figma and Android Studio, we came across many challenges but some of the greater ones include creating animations in Figma, working with overlays and text box functions in Figma and learning to combine separate files on Android Studio.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating animations in Figma, implementing select and scroll options in the prototype and being able to change the page with the click of a button in Android Studio.

What we learned

Since this was our first time working with Figma and Android studio, there were many functions we learned about in each respective application.

What's next for ScholarCruise

Complete the real app! We only got to finish a prototype with the design laid out but we hope to someday complete the full android app with APIs that can actually help people sail through the search and application process. We also hope to implement more features that will eventually help users apply for scholarships through the app. An example of this would be a common questions section so that it can be autofilled if multiple applications ask the same type of question.

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