As an final year highschool student, finding scholarship opportunities to study abroad is very difficult, especially for the millions of people who require financial aid. So, I decided to build a website that allows users to search for scholarship opportunities by country, university or course. The website gives details about each scholarships as well as eligibility and the amount the scholarships or aid covers. It also gives links to apply for the scholarship

What it does

It allows mainly international and low income students from all over the globe to search up financial aid and scholarship opportunities at universities, allowing them to have better opportunities in life.

How we built it

I got the data from webscraping scholarship search sites. My website is different to other similar sites because it has much more scholarships availiable in its database, and allows users to quickly and easily search for scholarships based on the country, university or field of study

Challenges we ran into

Getting the data and formatting it properly was difficult. I initially tried to build a site with a backend, but I had problems with deploying the app, so I instead opted with using HTML, CSS and JS to build the entire site.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I really am happy with the UI for the site. It was the first time testing and playing around with UI for a site like this, and I was really happy with how user friendly and good the site looked. It looks more like a site built by an official company rather than a hackathon project finished in a few days

What we learned

I learned a lot about webscraping, building user friendly UIs

What's next for Scholar Hunt

I didn't have time to get users for the site, but I plan on marketing my website tomorrow on forums and subreddits to help international students and low income students find opportunities for their education. I also plan on adding more scholarships and opportunities I find to the website. Right now I have 456 scholarships listed on the website which I got from web scraping various sites. A lot of the site is still unfinished like the home page, about page and all scholarships page, which I also plan on working on.

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