Our team is a diverse team from all around the world. We found it difficult to agree upon a practical social cause to pursue so we decided to embrace the festive season with a geolocation based game. We wanted to inspire people explore the world in a new and fun way. Inspired by the infamous Pokemon Go, Mymapoly challenges adventurers to compete with their friends and family exploring new territory in the real world to unlock virtual property to buy in the game.

What it does

Players are invited to create a game of Mymapoly by selecting a map from their local city and inviting friends and family to the game. Thereafter, players will continue a regular game of monopoly however before users are able to purchase a property in the game they have to have been there in real life. The game encourages tourism and gamifies learning about history, culture and travel. It also gives people the motivation to get out of their houses and walk around, which leads to an extra fitness factor. Once a field is unlocked, a window opens up and shows a short text about important information about that particular place.

How we built it

To create the feature that enables players to unlock new properties in the game we used TomTom API's. First we created a TomTom geofencing API key, admin key and project. Secondly we cloned the geofencing creator API to create geofences on our map. Then we created an object using a post request to our service. This object is a marker on the map that represents our player. We will know when a player crosses a geofence area because that object will be present in the geofence transition history when we send a get request to the geofence API. We used React to create the user interface by manipulating an existing repository for the game of monopoly in the browser. We added some addition game logic using JSX. If the player tries to unlock a property permanently, a request will be sent to TomTom APIs to identify whether the object (the player) has been to the location in the real world. If they have not the property will remain locked. If they have it will be permanently unlocked.

Challenges we ran into

  • Finding an idea that the team was passionate about.
  • Creating a game of Monopoly in React.
  • Finding a creative way to TomTom APIs.
  • Developing an android application using Java and the TomTom SDK kit.
  • Working as a team on a project that we all supported.
  • Communicating in different languages.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

What we learned

  • Understanding how to manage conflicting team dynamics, motivations and skills.
  • Work together in a group of people that you have just met.
  • How to find an idea that combines fun and functionality (in this case getting to know a city and playing a different version of Monopoly).
  • How to think creatively about a hackathon challenge.
  • How to use TomTom APIs, SDK kit and other sponsored technology.

What's next for Mymapoly

  • Full working game features
  • UI/UX development
  • Social login
  • Social features
  • Full working game features
  • Interstitial Ads
  • Create your own Mapoly board
  • Offline availability
  • Game waiting room
  • Leaderboard
  • Special coupon in-game rewards

Future Editions for Mymapoly

  • Challenge Edition: In this edition the player has to participate in a challenge at a particular place in order to unlock the filed, i. e. take a selfie with 20 random people, sing or dance to a song in public, ...
  • Food Edition: The player will get to know the city by visiting famous restaurants, caf├ęs and pubs. Once the player is at the place and unlocks the field on Mymapoly, the player can get a voucher for that place.
  • Nature Edition: If the player wants to escape the noise of the city, he/she can play the Nature Edition. Here the player gets to know the different parks, gardens and forests of that city.
  • Fitness Edition: For people who want to do more than walk around the city, there can be a Fitness Edition that provides different running routes and other fitness related places.
  • History Edition: For those players who want to learn more about the history of the city, the History Edition leads people to important historical places.
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