We wanted to work on a funny challenge. We have never won poker, and we had thought we can make an AI win for us!

What it does

It connects to the Squarepoint hosted server and plays poker with other bots.

How we built it

We used sockets in Python to connect to the game server via TCP. We used treys library for analysing the cards in the community and the pocket.

Challenges we ran into

  • The correct message exchange order with the server.
  • Adjusting our bot's choices in choosing a call, a raise, a fold or a check. Also the same with using superskills such as leeches and spies.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We won against the 24h running bots. We are proud of our bot, which can play the whole poker game and use the superpowers when analysing the game.

What we learned

Assessing the probability of having a good deck of cards and Poker rules.

What's next for Schnitzel Pokerman

We would like to make it play against itself and further optimise its parameters of making the choices. Perform realistic calculations of the risk chance and compare how good our hand is against another.

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