I’m a sales engineer and sit on a high-energy sales floor … boiler-room style. I noticed a difference between the best sales reps and the others. The worst sales reps don’t prepare for their calls, and they end up talking about the weather. This drives me crazy. Their relationships with prospects suffer, and they lose deals as a result.

The best sales reps approach their calls differently. They talk about things that are deeply personal to their prospects. They take the time to research what’s going on about the person and company. Their relationships thrive, and they close more deals as a result.

That’s where Schmoozee comes in. Schmoozee provides customer-facing people with the most personal and timely information to create the most engaging relationships. And it’s a huge time saver. Schmoozee will be the source of truth for pre-call prep.

My team member is a sales rep. He lives in Here’s what’s so cool… He won't just use Schmoozee every once in a while. He will use it before every single call. There are 15 million CRM users globally. Every single one of them can benefit from Schmoozee.

And that’s what we’re most proud of. Until this weekend, we thought so-lo-mo was totally cliché, but it’s not. Social-local-mobile is the foundation of Schmoozee. Each aspect is critical for a customer-facing person to drive more engaging relationships. We’re most proud in how every single CRM user will be able to benefit from Schmoozee.

Schmoozee is a journey that we’re beyond excited to start. Thanks for your support.

Steven Simoni


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