We were inspired to build Schmart after researching pain points within Grocery Shopping. We realized how difficult it is to stick your health goals or have a reduced environmental impact while grocery shopping. Inspired by innovative technlogy that exists, we wanted to create an app which would conveniently allow anyone to feel empowered to shop by reaching their goals and reducing friction.

What it does

Our solution, to gamify the grocery shopping experience by allowing the user to set goals before shopping and scan products in real time using AR and AI to find products that would meet their goals and earn badges and rewards (PC optimum points) by doing so.

How we built it

This product was designed on Figma, and we built the backend using Flask and Python, with the database stored using SQLite3. We then built the front end with React Native.

Challenges we ran into

Some team members had school deadlines during the hackathon, so we could not be fully concentrated on the Hackathon coding. In addition, our team was not too familiar with React Native, so development of the front end took longer than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are extremely proud that we were able to build an deployed an end-to-end product in such a short timeframe. We are happy to empower people while shopping and make the experience so much more enjoyable and problem solve areas that exist while shopping.

What we learned

Communication is key. This project would not have been possible without the relentless work of all our team members striving to make the world a better place with our product. Whether it be using technology we have never used before or sharing our knowledge with the rest of the group, we all wanted to create a product that would have a positive impact and because of this we were successful in creating our product.

What's next for Schmart

We hope everyone can use Schmart in the future on their phones as a mobile app. We can see it being used in Grocery (and hopefully all stores) in the future. Leaders. Meeting health and environmental goals should be barrier-free, and being an app that anyone can use, this makes this possible.

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posted an update

A huge thanks and applause to my fellow team members, Saqib, Zainab and Ayesha. This project would not be possible at all without the unique expertise and skills they brought to the table. Each one of them brought a unique skillset to the team which made Schmart a well-rounded and superb project. Special thanks to Saqib for his perseverance and expertise he brought to the table on the technical side. I would not have been able to make much progress without his help and guidance. Thank you to the Hack the Valley organizing committee, judges and panelists for providing an awesome experience. The workshops and events were informative and fun and for three of us, it was our first Hackathon, and you all made this an amazing experience. A big congratulations to all the other teams. We all poured our sweat and tears during these 36 hours, and I'm sure each one of us can go home saying that we did a good job. This was one of the most memorable events in my life, and I'm glad I decided to join Hack the Valley 5!!

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