I am inspired by the challenges faced by the public during the lockdown where they are returning to the hometown and suffering from the challenges they are currently facing. My application serves the purpose of helping the citizens of my country to access the schemes provided by the government. This will solve the problem of poverty and economy of the country as it will give many opportunities to the people in various sectors and helping each one to access the benefits.

What it does-

It will answers automatically to the questions asked by the public about the schemes. Featuring voice and text enabled to ease the access of the application. Using the feature of natural language processing it will serve the purpose of hitting awareness about various opportunities under various sectors according to their interest and clustered in similar entity.

How I built it

i built is using python with the feature provided by the facebook for the natural language processing. also using speech and message feature of helped me a lot for accessing the voice and text messages and could generate a template form of message that will enable to the user with the great data about the schemes.

Challenges I ran into

i ran into a lot of challenges because i was having no knowledge regarding facebook development and . i just have knowledge of python and i learnt from scratch about how to learn to about bot app and i devoted alot of time in learning then building applications. I struggled with the unknown bugs for a lot of time but i managed becaused i invested my whole day for the development of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i am very happy and proud to become a facebook app developer in less time after learning from scratch and also eligible to say that i am skilled enough to contribute my skills for the growth of the community

What I learned

What's next for SchemeAi

i will be adding a lot of features after learning on the availabilty of it. Various langauge support video enabled and image enabled message conversation. enhanced templated message. More accurate data for the public Notification Reminder messages feature

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