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I had the Idea on the day before hackathon, as I thought a functional programing language would be a difficult but not impossible project. I thought it would help my team members understand how code works a little better and have a good experience. I did not find any teammates but __ decided to continue with the project anyways__. My final products most impressive feature is short circuiting because I had to compleatly redo my method of running the functions. You can still see some of the vestigial structure from the old method(in case the new one breaks). One of the nicest features, for the user at least, is the ability to make definitions on a separate file so they don't have to be retyped every time. The project still has a long way to go(it doesn't even have lambda and doesn't check that you are actually telling it to define stuff when defining), but it was a huge success relative to my other hackathon projects. Things coming very soon are a semblance of list structure as well as more example definitions in the text file. The final stage of the project will probably be to implement lambda, because that seems like it could be VERY difficult. Check out the project on github for more info: link

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