Life is tough — we always have problems to schedule an efficient calendar that maximize our productivity and efficiency. That’s where our idea of scheduloo came along.

Scheduloo is an online web application that can help students in University of Waterloo to get a satisfied class schedule without much effort.

Students can type in their intended course numbers and then with a simply click of “next”, this system will display all available sessions for each course on a one page along with their time and ask students to rate them with sliders. After that, click on “Scheduloo”, the system will automatically calculate 6 best combinations of the courses entered based on their time conflicts and students’ intentions. (Hongbo got a "optimal" schedule to enjoy a long weekend every week! -- Shown in example picture)

Scheduloo is very easy to use and save students from lots of handwritten work for scheduling courses.

The data we use for Scheduloo comes from the University of Waterloo Open Data API ( check The API provides large amount of information about the university’s services, including courses, food, weather, news, etc. The information is organized in a tree structure and it is easy for programmers to access it. In addition, we use Microsoft Azure Cloud service to host our website.

The calculation algorithm is the core for this application. The algorithm is based on graph theory to optimize the efficiency, which is so fast that can give users the the best combinations out of millions of combinations in very short time. This algorithm can also be applied to more generalized scheduling in the future, for example, to schedule other university courses, company conferences, daily work, etc..

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