We were inspired by seeing fellow Android users struggle at school with keeping all of their schedule and daily announcements synchronized

What it does:

It synchronizes your daily schedule for school and the announcements for your school all into one convenient app.

How we built it

We use Java to parse an XML file to gather data about the daily schedule and sort that. We also use a Java pdf viewer to allow for the school's daily announcements to appear on a separate page. Our group utilized Android Studio to develop the app and compile all the code together.

Challenges we ran into

We faces multiple challenges: 1.Half of us have no experience in Java at all 2.Multiple Blue Screens of Deaths 3.Random bugs that solved themselves after resetting for some reason

  1. Techincal issues such as computers shutting off and not being able to reboot temporarily or mandatory Windows updates

Accomplishments that we're proud of

1.We came together with little background to make an extensive app 2.We formed a solid basis in programming 3.We managed to make a almost finished product 4.We came together as a team to accomplish a common goal in spite of all our differences

What we learned

  1. Some of us learned Java for the first time and others advanced their knowledge farther
  2. We learned how to use Android Studio
  3. We learned how to edit XML files to parse for certain data
  4. We learned how to utilize our resources to expand our knowledge on existing programming foundations ## What's next for Schedulize We plan on making Schedulize able to function with even more schools, allow more customization options, and allow students the ability to edit class names
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