We would like to address the common and persistent problem of substandard time management among College Students. This issue can manifest in the form of scheduling group project meetings and extracurricular activities.

This web application attempts to address the issue mentioned above using an interface which allows the user to create a profile using cookies on their web browser and scheduling classes that are updated to our database. They will then be able to have other students enter their schedule into their phone. We have used a .tech domain provided the sponsor.

AWS and a web user interface

We had some trouble with database interaction specifically: setting it up, updating values from the web interface into the mysql database, and retrieving the data saved and entered by the user to display a functioning calendar.

This web application implements a unique interface design of our own, utilizes browser cookies in order to save some user data and ensure ease of use for the client, and creating our work space in AWS so we could update the files we shared live. We also used the .tech domain provided by the sponsor.

AWS ec2 instance hosting the server with correct security groups. Used IAM to allow group members tot access files. Used cloud 9 to access server console and update files.

We plan on continuWhat's next for ScheduleU: further improving data structures.

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