As college students, we have constantly experienced procrastination. We know what it's like to leave assignments to the last possible minute. We wanted to create a project not only to have something to submit, but to create something that we'd be able to use as well. With our web application many students are able to effectively plan out study schedules to complete tasks, assignments, and projects.

What it does

It allows us to allocate time towards our academics by creating a daily schedule for us. We created a quiz that tells us how much time we need to invest in our courses based. First it asks the user to enter the number of classes they have, then it asks the user to enter the number of days they are willing to invest and then asks how many hours do they want to spend each day. Lastly, to give real time data it asks the user to enter the total number of units they have. Based on the answers the website gives an estimate of hours a person should spend in order to manage their time.

How we built it

We build it using our beginner level python and figma skills. We created it using a quiz format that asks the user to input their choice for a question and prints the result at the end.

Challenges we ran into

Our main issue was figuring out how to create a quiz using python and how to incorporate accurate data to give to the user about how much time they should spend on their classes. Other challenges we encountered was on the design aspect, so creating logos for our website and implementing different types of options for the user to pick. We are a team of beginners and have little to no experience in hackathons, but we are overall super proud of what we came up with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first hackathon for 3 of our teammates and we were able to finish it in time! We were able to communicate with each other and had no issues with our fellow teammates, despite the fact we just met each other at the start of the hackathon. We developed new approaches to resolving differences and new skills while also learning from each other.

What we learned

We learned a multitude of things, especially since this was definitely a new experience for most of us. Time management played a part in our planning process and we learned how to set times to meet despite being in three different time zones! Communication also played a major role, we looked at our strengths and made sure to assign the appropriate tasks to each team member. We were also able to refine our skills as we came across bugs in our code.

What's next for Schedulesy

Schedulesy has a lot of potential in helping students with time management and organization, especially during this tough time of COVID. We would like to further develop our application by adding more features to it such as assignment reminders, agendas, and a sign up feature, which in turn would allow them to save their progress.

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