Making plans with one or more friends is always a long discussion, by asking the schedule back and forth and trying to coordinate calendars. Our project improves this part of life by automatizing the process without having to leave the chat conversation!

What it does

The user calls the bot and specifies an event: Maximum start date, maximum end date and duration. The bot then is able to access the personal calendars from all the users and check where the free time slots are.

How I built it

We use Python, Flask and of course, Telegram

Challenges I ran into

Using flask - which is a blocking process - at the same time the bot is in polling() state. We had to check if other projects accomplished this mission

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Understanding better the usage of Flask, Telegram and others.

What I learned

We learned to program with the google API, as well as the Telegram API. It was the first time we created a Telegram API So it was an exciting challenge

What's next for SchedulerBot

Integrate doodle-like options which provides another kind of interface for the people who will use our app

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