Tl;DR: Events: Tons of talks, discussions, rooms to schedule. Breaks, lunches, etc.. Let's not take weeks mapping it out.

Ever have to run a large event from scratch? Not only are you running around making sure all the big things are taken care of... somewhere along the way you have to sit down and start doing unique bar charts, spreadsheets, or killing a small fortune in erasers figuring out where everything is going to be held.

Not only that, you have to account for the big starts and huge finales, breaks for meals, and make sure you have enough retail space available to ensure all your workshops, talks, and side-"things" are available to your attendees.

And the executive office save you if you underbooked space for your event. Worse yet, having all those amazing presenters, and having too many options: under attendance is just as dangerous.

Schools newer to the Hackathon world can get caught by surprise regarding these details. Schools who had some awesome leadership decide they wanted to graduate and move on can get blindsided by these relatively mundane issues.

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