Ever wanted to send a message to your friend through Alexa? Ever wanted Alexa to make up a schedule for you? Ever wanted Alexa to note down your tasks that have a deadline?

What it does

Sends message to your friend without you touching your phone. Creates the most optimal schedule for you. Notes down all the tasks and deadlines you have.

Challenges I ran into

Preparing for this hackathon, I wanted to test out if I am able to create a working project from scratch while learning a new software. I was also determined to complete this hackathon without a team. I experienced a lot of stress, fustration, sleep derivation, and the sense of giving up. However, I pushed through and resulted in an Alexa skill that does a number of functionalities to improve quality of daily lives.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The main accomplishment I am most proud of is my capability of finishing an entire project on my own in less than 36 hours on my own while learning on the spot. A few other accomplishments are my deeper understanding of the several technologies and software's that I was previously not familiar with.

What I learned

NodeJS, AWS, AWS-Lambda, Dyanmo-DB, and JavaScript.

What's next for Scheduler Pro

I have a whole lot of more ideas for Scheduler Pro

  1. Develop a better algorithm for making up schedules. (I want to look into research papers and have my algorithm based of a theory.
  2. Add better features to the schedule maker such as: Order the tasks that the user has given and output each tasks and the time that the user should do it in.
  3. Improve sample utterances
  4. Find an alternative way than Twilio for SMS messaging since Twilio costs money
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