Inspiration: When we were working in retail and we saw how difficult it is for the manager to allocate shifts. We also noticed that senior employees got good shifts while we got bad. We wonder if we can allocate preferences to make everyone happy.

Scheduler App: The scheduler app improves the scheduling process for corporations by allocating shifts to employees. Traditionally shifts are manually allocated by managers. The app also provides a novel approach to allocating shifts. The app allocates shifts by valuing employee seniority and overall employee happiness using a cost function.

1) Employees select their shift preferences 2) Manager assigns a priority value to each employee (ex. most senior employee is given highest priority) 3) Manger creates a schedule that optimizes both seniority and employee preferences.

Algorithm: Cost function minimizes overall cost (which correspond to inverse of overall happiness weighted by priority) Cost function = Priority ^ Pick (pick represents which choice they got) In this cost function, a higher priority getting a low pick would be penalized very heavily Note: The cost function can be changed to any non linear function of both priority and pick number.

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