Inspiration 💡

Our inspiration was sparked from witnessing the struggles that young students like us are facing during the pandemic. We noticed that many of our peers felt anxious and unhappy from social isolation, and we wanted to innovate a way for technology to bring us together in a more interpersonal and human setting. We also noticed that some university classes have over 2000 students, and with so many different profs, class times, and classes, it’s a hassle to compare schedules and connect with your friends before classes start.

What it does 📅

ScheduLens is a platform to support students in maintaining close relationships with their friends throughout university. It allows students to keep track of their classes in a personalized schedule, cultivate a friends list, and view their matching classes with their friends. The application allows you to enter your scheduled classes, add freinds and see with who you share classes. Our website does the heavy lifting so that students can have greater visibility into connecting with their peers. ScheduLens maintains a highly secure system where users can create, log in, and log out of their accounts, and the necessary information will always be readily available for them.

How we built it 💻

Brainstorming and mockups were done using Figma, then we used Google Firebase including Firebase Authentication and Firestore Database to build our backend server, HTML for rendering elements on the DOM, Sass for styling and creating a friendly user interface, Javascript for handling the organization and logic of our frontend and backend, and React components for their flexibility, renewability, and ease of use. We also used Google Fonts and Font Awesome along with unDraw graphics for the extra UI kick!

Challenges we ran into 👊

The main challenges we ran into include learning many technologies within one day, such as Google Firebase. For some of us, it was our first time using React and Sass, so it was difficult to figure out the nuances of the languages in a short amount of time. We also faced some technical issues in regards to Firebase authentication and doing Firestore CRUD operations and using Node.

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🏅

As university students, we're proud to have created a unique and relevant platform that we would all use to see what classes we share with each other and stay better connected with friends. It has been rewarding to work with new technologies and pick up new skills throughout the process, from using components in React to creating databases to process data. Overall, we collaborated well together to build a functional and user-friendly project in 24 hours. This has also opened more gateways to experiment and build with more cutting-edge development technologies.

What we learned 📚

Throughout the hackathon, we gained experience starting and developing a web application using many new languages and tools, including React, Sass, and Firebase. We were also able to figure out the best way to store data in the database and query data using CRUD operations in the backend. We found that starting with a well-defined project idea and having open communication was really helpful in working efficiently and meeting deadlines.

What's next for ScheduLens ➡️

We would like to keep expanding our features for students to get information efficiently and accessibly. This includes comparing classes in groups of friends and searching specific classes for friends who have taken them to ask about their experiences. In the future, we hope to scale our website to encompass more powerful social connection tools, such as allowing users to schedule meetups with their friends, book 1:1 meetings with professors, and discover new friends or school communities based on common interests.

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