The ScheduleMe bot is a utility for small businesses to plan out and delegate their already-packed schedules, utilizing Microsoft NLP Libraries and the Microsoft Bot Framework to bring 21st century technology to small business owners. ScheduleMe allows clients to view, schedule, and cancel appointments through a Messenger bot, following a customizable path set by each business. Appointments made are then synced with the business’s Google Calendar, creating a hands-free, automated experience for the business.

How it Works:

1.) Businesses visit the ScheduleMe website, registering for an account.

2.) ScheduleMe creates a Google Calendar for the business.

3.) User messages bot, selecting a business they want to make an appointment at.

4.) The bot processes the user’s intent, and takes the corresponding scheduling action.

5.) The user can after view, cancel, or schedule more appointments at the business.


The ScheduleMe bot aims to assist small businesses such as barber shops, private tutors, and more who want to more easily manage and schedule their appointments. Many know that it is often frustrating to call a business and get stuck waiting for someone to pick up the phone, or having to call the next day because the business was closed. The ScheduleMe bot fixes this by providing an easy way for customers to book, check, and cancel appointments whenever and wherever. One of the best things about the ScheduleMe bot is that it can be incorporated into nearly any business's current scheduling plan as it uses Google Calendar. With Google Calendar, the business can add appointments they would normally book through calling or other methods, allowing the ScheduleMe bot to work around them.

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