Whenever it's time to enroll in schedules for the following semester, students always turn to excel or scrap paper to map out their schedules. This can be time consuming as well as tedious because there are so many different schedule combinations.

What it does

ScheduleMe was intended to be the one tool needed during enrollment time. All students would have to do is enter what classes they would be taking the following semester and choose the schedule that fits best for them.

How I built it

Using Python and the beautiful-soup library, I scraped the Kansas State University course schedule pages and created .sql files to load into a database. Then, a connection was created with a python script to a MySQL database where all of the data was loaded.

Challenges I ran into

Webscraping the Kansas State University line schedule started out very easily. However, once I was able to located the information needed for the database, extracting only the desired information and discarding data that would corrupt the database became incredibly difficult.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having never made a webscraping project before, I am proud that I was able to accomplish my goal of scraping an entire semester's schedules.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the structure of HTML pages, as well as how to work with the beautiful-soup library.

What's next for ScheduleMe

Now that there is a way to scrape course schedules from the website, I hope to later develop a Graphical User Interface for students to interact with so that they may actually use and have access to the database that I have created.

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