It has happened plenty of times. You asked what they are doing and wait for a response... You can wait for hours to get a response back only to find out.. they had class... Many times, we have trouble keeping track of our friends and their class schedule, even when we both had it sent to us during the first week of school. It's somewhere lost in the texts or pictures. We wanted a way to look at each other's schedule with just an app away so that we can quickly decide our plans for the day. Also, its difficult to compare multiple schedules when everyone's picture isn't combined. Sometimes you accidentally hang out with a group of friends without a certain friend since they might be in class or busy and he or she will be like TFTI (Thanks For The Invite...)

What it does

With ScheduleMe, anyone who owns the app will only have to make one schedule and no longer will they send their schedule out repeatedly. By adding people on the app, you get their schedule and they get your schedule and you can make side to side comparisons to see when you two are free or busy. You can also add multiple people to a group and so you can see what is the best time to hang out or schedule an event. Going back and forth through people's schedule is quite tedious and when2meet can take forever for people to reply. This app makes it easy to compare by having color-coded schedules. If you have a large number of people in your group, you have a checkbox option to see if you want them included in the group schedule or narrowing down certain people.

How we built it

We built it with Android Studio, using Android Emulators to simulate Android phones. Also, we used open-source software. We used Dropbox as a cloud service to place their schedules and retrieve it so we can build calendars for different combinations of people's calendars.

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenge was developing for Android, all 3 of us were completely new to Android App Development. This is also two of our group member's first hackathon, so we didn't want to burn out.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made our first Android app!

What we learned

We learned about APIs, JSON, Databases such as Sqlite, Android App development, Cloud file sharing. Google MASTERS.

What's next for ScheduleMe

Full functionality, improving UI, and expand information sharing capabilities. Put it on the market place.

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