As a highschool student who joined a little too many extracurricular activities, I seem to always have something to do after-school. But I also happen to be one of the few high school seniors who hasn't yet received a diver's license, meaning my mom and I always have to coordinate rides. So whenever I find out that I have to stay a little extra after school, I text my mom - only to find out that she'll be leaving for a doctor's appointment in half an hour and won't be able to give me a ride home, unless I wait at school for an additional hour. It was frustrating for me to have this lack of communication between even my own family members, and how there was no easy way to remember schedules of different people.

I can still always remember the times where I was just desperate to hang out with someone and had to go through the unpleasant task of texting ten different friends asking if they were free and when. Some would respond in time, some wouldn't. Likewise, it was equally frustrating when I was trying to study on a Friday Night and had friends texting me asking me if I were available, with me having to respond with the same "I'm busy" after every text. I thought that if I could just know the schedules of people who are close to me - just my close friends and family members - it would save immense time and energy.

My app, ScheduleMatch, is an iOS mobile application that will allow users to enter their schedules and share parts of them with other users, shared in the form of a newsfeed. This way, if I were free at 5 pm on a Friday - I would be able to see which of my other friends are free at the same time. This means that the number of people I'll have to text will be decreased. There is also a search tool to allow users to search for other users, and a list of each individual's own day schedules to allow them to be more organized as well.

Hopefully with ScheduleMatch there will be less confusion with group scheduling, family planning, and just having a good time with friends.

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