We as students, always have to schedule several meetings over a week; most of it adhoc/something that gets decided in no time. Often, we are in a team working on course projects, personal projects etc. In most scenarios, it's one of the team members who has to bare the brunt of scheduling, coordinating, following-up on team members' availability and further deciding upon a specific time for meet. Here, the coordinator has no bonus points for all the efforts involved.

Here, we present our web-app -ScheduleIt! which we have hosted on amazon ec2. The flow would be:-

  1. Coordinator/team member acting as coordinator creates a time slot for a possible meeting and in turn gets a link/token for the meeting. The link would be shared with his team-mates. And his job as coordinator ends there!
  2. Teammates after receiving the URL/mail, just enter their email and their availability. The web-app then checks for most probable time slot and sends a remainder after either: (a) Everyone has entered their time slot (b) The time to vote/enter their preference expires.(In the current implementation, we have overridden the feature to wait for expiration time since we have designed it in terms of hours; for demo purposes.
  3. All the team mates are sent an email by the web app with the scheduled time.


  1. Automated scheduling of meetings. Coordinator need not worry about finding the most appropriate slot for the meeting (unlike apps such as When2Meet).
  2. Better coordination with the team due to auto-scheduling.
  3. In future, we plan to add more scheduling algorithms such as priority based scheduling etc. Also, we are working on integrating the app with whatsapp or phone messages which can be a great feature. In addition, a location suggestion would make the tool complete.

Target Users: Mostly in academia where things are not very organized and there is no one responsible for scheduling meetings.

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