Have you ever had a daily or any other team meeting where your colleagues were discussing a task, but you or your coworkers couldn't find the corresponding JIRA issue on the board?

Communication is key to efficient teamwork, but having lots of different issues on a board makes communication more and more difficult and inefficient. Therefore we’re so exited to introduce scheduleDiscussion, an Atlassian forge app that empowers your team with the possibility to quickly discuss exact issues with exact team members right on JIRA.

What it does

With scheduleDiscussion you can schedule a discussion of any selected issues with the exact team members just in seconds. The app is dramatically efficient in setting up syncs, brainstorms or holding dailies: our solution uses power of p2p technology to hold both face-to-face and group meetings.

Call scheduling is a common feature available in a plenty of different collaboration apps. But what we do (and Atlassian does) is to allow users to remain within a single ecosystem with all the necessary tools for effective collaboration. With scheduleDiscussion, we make collaboration even easier and simpler by cutting out the junk and allowing users to focus on exact issues in any given meeting. Awesome.

How we built it

We are quite experienced Atlassian users and now we decided to contribute to the community with our own app. So we created the Forge app, which uses the Forge UI and gives your team the ability to have a quick discussion.

Challenges we ran into

During the hackathon, we encountered a few roadblocks with the Atlassian API, so we were foreced to use a third-party website to handle requests and send notifications. After the hackathon, we're planning to make a fully native solution without a third-party website and publish it on the marketplace.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The project is fully functional and performs all the declared functions, all the tasks that we set for the project have been completed, and our next steps are to set new tasks to continue working on the project after the hackathon and move it towards improving the user experience and security.

Our application has a slick and user-friendly interface that is very intuitive and easy to use. Therefore, it is almost ready to be used on the Atlassian platform.

What we learned

How to build a Forge Atlassian app and how to work with the Atlassian API.

We want to continue maintaining and improving our app after the hackathon, and our next goal is to prepare it for the community marketplace.

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