Since kindergarten, I have had the privilege to grow up with and know a few friends who deal with Autism. They are funny, intelligent , and are the nicest and most warm-hearted people; sadly, their social interactions are as developed and sometimes interfere with their lives. I've seen things get unpleasant and I have always felt horrible, especially not being able to do anything, that's why I decided to help in any way possible to boost and develop their social skills.

I want all people that suffer with Autism to be able to have a ScheduleBuddy that will keep all their day-to-day routines and plans. It makes it easier for them to be able to expect and know what their day consists of and what lies ahead. It helps get rid of unpredictability and boost their communication and visual skills.

Key features of ScheduleBuddy: -Add up to seven tasks(enough not to cause high stress or anxiety and still keep a sufficient amount of tasks).

  • Click the check mark to get rid of the completed task and move onto the next.
  • Add personal name/username and photo! -Separate school tab and home tab -Great Job Picture for each task completed

I hope that this app will be able to reach the the entire 1% of the world population dealing with autism and help better prepare them and develop their social skills to deal with things on a daily basis by themselves.

Welcome to ScheduleBuddy.

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