The inspiration for our product, the Schedule My Day application, comes from challenges within our personal lives. Being university students, we, at times, still struggle with ensuring that enough time is being allocated for each course. Furthermore, it can be daunting to make sure that, in the course of course preparation, we remain mentally healthy. This application was thus developed as part of our attempt at a remedy for these problems.

What it does

The function of the application is to take a student’s rating of the importance of any task (e.g. a school assignment) that they are executing, as well as relevant deadlines for that task, and then, using an algorithm, determine the appropriate length of time for the student to dedicate to that task. Afterwards, the application provides rewards for the successful completion of the given task.

How we built it

We used the Java computer language — and elements such as Java FX and frames. As well, an IDE was used (an expected tool, given the nature of our task) to develop this project. To communicate within the group, we utilized the videoconferencing app Zoom. Finally, to house our project as well as facilitate both communication and exchange of code, we used Git/GitHub.

Challenges we ran into

There were challenges in creating this application. For example, we needed to learn how to work with objects within the program, knowing that Java, at its core, is an object-oriented language. Also, organizing ourselves, and relying on Git, turned out to be tough, given the current events (the pandemic). Managing file dependences turned out to be difficult. However, perhaps naturally, the biggest challenge came from the fact that for most of us, this had been the very first hackathon ever.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Even though for most of us, this was our first hackathon ever, there are a few accomplishments of which we are proud. For example, we managed to create a final product that is more or less perfectly functional, which is better than we had initially hoped. Furthermore, we were mostly successful in programming as a well-oiled team. Finally, we managed to complete our first hackathon.

What we learned

Here, we learned how to collaborate as a team in a virtual environment. We learned of the importance of properly delegating tasks to ensure that, even when it is impossible to physically monitor each other’s progress, work is getting done by each teammate. Finally, we learned of the wonders of coffee …

What's next for Schedule My Day

For the future, improvements to the Schedule My Day could include a revamped time management algorithm – one that is able to take in even more information to give an even more optimal schedule. As well, the visuals could be enhanced further (e.g. adding more attractive images). Finally, an improvement to the rewards would be a likely next step.

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