As a student, we all have those moments where we forgot a quiz, test, assignment. The purpose of our project is to alleviate some of this pressure by preparing for it at the beginning of the semester. By having all of these dates available to you, conveniently placed in Google Calendar, it is easy to remember and set alarms for these events and take away the stress from worrying about missing them.

What it does

Our application takes a users pdf and coverts it to a plain text file. This file is parsed into a JSON output, then is parsed again and individually placed into separate events in google calendar.

How we built it

The user clicks an "upload" button, which sends a file to the server using PHP. We then use this filename to execute a jar, also in PHP. This jar will scan the pdf, and export into the text into a plain text file. This plain text file is then parsed for specialized keywords by month, date, quiz, test, and midterm. After this is accomplished, we send a GET request to retrieve all of the dates and event titles from the server. With these titles and date pairs, we loop through them and interface with the Google Calendar API, which posts your events in an organized and completely automated way.

Challenges we ran into

Parsing the pdf was especially difficult, as well as creating all of the corner cases for the syllabuses to parse effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of creating a tool that disadvantaged students can utilize to prevent them from using too much energy. We also are proud of creating a tool with AWS, a tool which all of us has never used before.

What we learned

Collectively we learned a significant amount about using different APIs within Java, connecting the google calendar API, learning new languages, such as PHP, and went through a very rigorous process of learning how to get a domain alive and active. Among all of these and other challenges in the past 24 hours, there have been so many challenges that have pushed us to be better programmers.

What's next for Schedule Meddler

Our scheduler has limitless possibilities that we can think of adding to it. The next step is to add extension to support for assignments and teacher/TA office hours. From here we wanted to broaden the project and include parts such as a speech to text lecture to manuscript, and this manuscript would also be parsed for key words and phrases, such as "this will be on the test", or "this is very important". The extensions on this could make this project into an ultimate student hub, directed at making every students life easier and more efficient.

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