It's a useful thing to manage the project. add the user who is managing the project. easy to use and easily manage it through adding, editing, and deleting. Schedule system helps to manage and keep record of schedule easily.

What it does

Anyone who is using it can easily manage their schedule and keep record of their schedules. Everyone can use this and everyone has to register and then login. It's a easy to use schedule system. Everyone can login to their schedule and add project, task and make a schedule and also add user and remove user. It's a complete schedule system for anyone who wants to manage schedule. User can edit , delete, add project, task, user. And also view the task list. Also see the report and download it.

How we built

It is built with the help of PHP, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, I didn't understand how to make it's design and which thing to use for design then I decide to use Bootstrap and I face challenge in coding, mostly in login and register page. But I did it, happily.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I feel good that it'll help someone who is easily manage their schedule and keep record. And whenever they want to see the previous schedule they can easily check that. It add , delete, edit all the record and given options like project, task, user etc.

What we learned

Learnt to make a complete schedule system and also learnt how to manage the things. Overall it's a good experience.

What's next for schedule Management System

I want to enhance it's functionality and also want that it'll help someone to make something in their life better.

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