Countless times in our university life we have been from door to door looking for a professor , admin office...usually we end up waiting at the door for a long time or trying to catch that person sometime when he is out. Here we thought of a simple but powerful scheduling system that can solve this problem and save time for everyone;

What it does

Whenever you look at a door that has a tag(now it being the lauzhack logo for demo) the schedule of the room will appear and you can book the empty slots Each different door is supposed to have it's own schedule, independent of the others. In order for that to function smoothly we take into account the location of the door. Thus there is no need for a fancy QR code, just a simple pattern is enough. The localization can be used in 2 stages, first find the building using GPS since the accuracy is not very good indoors, secondly we make use of wireless indoor positioning networks using UWB(Utra Wide Band) or PDOA(Phase difference of arrival).

How We built it

The demo consists of 3 parts, the image recognition(this repository), the UWB ranging and the Blue-tooth connection between the computer and the smart-phone. We used the Android SDK in order to implement the Image recognition and the booking part making use of the Augmented reality tools from PixLive. In order to get the position we get the data from the UWB device and send it to the smart phone by blue-tooth using a python project. The last part was to get the data from the laptop, we did that by making use of the Android SDK apis.

Challenges I ran into

First of all we did not have much experience in Android development so we were constantly hitting implementation problems. Aside from that since the only way to make use of localization was by using the UWB demo provided, we had to get the data by a serial connection the laptop and then send it by bluetooth to the smart phone.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did today my first Android App(Bluetooth connection) which is more than just a Hello World displayed.(Petru)

What I learned

We learned to use AR technology and some android development ways.

What's next for Schedule AR

Connect the three parts into a single app, (The AR, UWB data get and send, ) Implement the GPS localization part. Add some more time management parts.


The link is the working demo and the other too are additions we did not manage to merge in time.

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