Our purpose is really to reduce time waste. We don't realise this because we're so used to it, but a huge amount of time is lost in queues and manual scheduling in both businesses and public administration. Using a shared online scheduler, people can sign up on their own, no queues, no telephone required.

What it does

Businesses will open "shops" on our platform, define the services they offer, how long each of them takes and when they are open. The users will then be able to find the business, choose their required service, then see all time slots when the service is available. By building it as a platform, it will be easier to manage (1 instance for N customers), reducing maintenance costs. It also means we will accumulate a user base, that all businesses can benefit from. We can also deliver notifications to the users, either via SMS or email, so that we may reduce the rate of no-shows, that is damaging businesses efficiency.

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