In the past year, we've seen a lot of challenges as high school students. Whether we were in school or not, there was a constant miasma of added stress and worry, not to mention acclimation to an unknown learning method. At the beginning of the school shutdown last year, we created a hackathon entry called "PassItOn", a prototype that connected students and allowed them to ask for help and help others, whether academically or socially. This year, we have even more experience with the difficulties of pandemic life and have found yet another critical problem: scheduling and motivation. Without the constant ringing of a school bell and sometimes even erratically shifting schedules, it has been harder than ever to stay on track and get everything done without forgetting or losing focus. That's why our website helps students finish all their work on time, while being able to see their own progress for a nice little mental boost.

What it does

After the creation of an account, users add topics that they would have tasks in. Then, whenever they have a new task, they can add it to the app. At any point they can start the clock, and the time for the current task will start ticking down. Whenever the user wants, they can finish the current task or start a different one, all while the website keeps track of what needs to be done. Once a task is over, the user is notified and the website grants them a spray of confetti for their hard work. A handy feature is the ability to add recurring tasks, such as daily mindfulness downtimes, or constant practice while learning a skill.

How we built it

Before the hackathon we learned how to use MySQL, PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript to full-stack develop, improving some skills we had and learning far more we didn't know. We used Google JamBoard to brainstorm and sketch out our website. Although some of us were fairly new to it, we used GitHub as a central file repository.

Challenges we ran into

We had a lot of difficulties with specialised features, and especially with interfacing MySQL with PHP. We solved almost all the problems, with very few dotted compromises. Although some of us had used GitHub alone, we had to learn how to collaboratively, which we now regard as a lifesaver. The very near deadline was a stress factor, though early planning and completion checks alleviated most of it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First and foremost, the creation of such a rounded prototype within the tight time constraints of the hackathon. We learned far more things than we would've in any normal course, incomplete though it may be. Our video looks professionally done and features all the needed information. We were very quick to find a good idea and develop it into a product plan.

What we learned

So many things. Even after spending a week learning the basics of web development, there was a lot more to learn in terms of specialised tools and troubleshooting. We also learned that a stable plan of brainstorm, plan, delegate and complete was extremely efficient and allowed us to keep track of completed tasks.

What's next for Scheduflow

The next step will be to finish and polish up the basic features we have so far and keep on adding more. The user experience right now is quite simple and likely not efficient, so we would be sure to run it through rigorous user testing. More display methods of the tasks will also allow the user customisation to fit their preferences.

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