Need transit schedules at your fingertips? SchedNYC is a versatile Android scheduling app for the New York City Subway, Staten Island Railway and Staten Island Ferry. It works underground, as the schedules are stored with the app. SchedNYC was born as a traditional timetable app. Most of the subway's paper timetables don't show every stop because of limited space. All stops are available with SchedNYC. Use route timetables to track your train as it follows a route. Or use them to plan your trip and see how long it may take. Corridor timetables show all the trains that travel along a subway corridor. A corridor is either a line with both local and express service (i.e. trunk lines like the 1, 2, 3 Broadway-7th Avenue Line) --or-- a line that serves at least two different routes (i.e. the A, B, C, D along Central Park West) Timetables can be viewed with different preferences, such as 12-/24-hr clock, times with seconds, and number of trips shown in portrait or landscape. If you regularly travel from an intermediate station, you can set the default station for a particular route, direction and day. When you look up a timetable, the app automatically directs you to the current time and the station you choose. You can also jump within a timetable according to trip number or station and time.The Next Scheduled Trains feature shows you when trains are scheduled to arrive in a particular station. They are grouped by direction and line so you can easily tell which train route is upcoming. The Station List View that you use to access the stations also includes the station's cross streets.To complete the app, SchedNYC includes the MTA's subway and bus service alerts. Links to the MTA's NYCT Subway and Bus on Twitter are also included so you can see the reasons for delays, when they are known. Finally, the subway station escalator & elevator outages let you check their status before you arrive at a station.Whether you're a regular commuter or an occasional user, use SchedNYC to plan your time wisely.

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