I've been wanting to work with the Twilio API for a bit now and figured this was a good way to do so.

What it does

It is an online web scheduler. Users can sign up, add events, and view their calendar. They have the option to verify their phone number and add content to their schedule.

How I built it

I used the Python web framework, which was developed by Aaron Swartz but is no longer in active development. I enjoy this framework because it's very simplistic and yet can do much of the functionality I need.

I also used the Twilio API to allow users to update their calendars over text messages.

Challenges I ran into

I couldn't decide how to do the calendar. I considered using Google Calendar, but the authentication process was a bit difficult to follow, and I'm not a huge fan of Google Calendar anyway. I ended up just creating an html table for the calendar and storing events in a MySQL database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a verification process through text messages, and having text messages interact with the site.

What I learned

The basics of the Twilio API and how to work in real-time with others on GitHub.

What's next for Schedler

Yusuf and I are considering making it into a site that will be accessible to the public. We believe people will enjoy its simplicity while having useful features like the text messaging to update the calendar.

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