Every student knows the struggle that is course registration. You're tossed into an unfamiliar system with little advice and all these vague rules and restrictions to follow. All the while, courses are filling up rapidly. Far too often students—often underclassmen— are stuck without the courses they need.

We were inspired by these pain points to create Schedge, an automatic schedule generator.

What it does

Schedge helps freshmen build their schedule by automatically selecting three out of a four course load. The three courses consist of a Writing the Essay course, the mandatory writing seminar for NYU students, a Core course like Quantitative Reasoning, and a course in the major of the student's choosing.

Furthermore, we provide sophomores with potential courses to take after their freshman year, whether that's a follow up to Writing the Essay, or a more advanced major course.

How we built it

We wrote the schedule generation algorithm in Rust, as we needed it to be blazing fast and well designed. The front end is React with TypeScript and Material UI. The algorithm, while technically NP complete for all courses, uses some shortcuts and heuristics to allow for fast schedule generation.

Challenges we ran into

We had some trouble with the data organization, especially with structuring courses with their potential meeting times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Using a more advanced systems language such as Rust in a hackathon. Also our project has immediate real world applications at NYU. We plan on extending it and providing it as a service.

What we learned

Courses have a lot of different permutations and complications.

What's next for Schedge

More potential majors and courses! Features for upperclassmen!

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