me and my girlfriend were working in a restaurant before, and i had a habit to record the time and money earning for the day but she doesn't. she tried to but it's a bit too much of a fuss for her. so i guess why not just put my skill to work?

What it does

the app basically auto calculates how much you'll earn each day and each week. all you need to do is remember to key in your start time and end time after your shift. with this you can stop your boss from scamming you without you noticing!!!

How I built it

sit in my chair not moving for more than 12 hours.. i mean i built it in flutter. it's quite easy to pick up for me. flutter front end and sqlite at the back. ezpz

Challenges I ran into

i accidentally made a big god class that is hard to further expand. so far i have no problem implementing new stuff into it but this will slow down the progress more and more.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

i've never built a flutter app before this. this is my first time making it out of no where. quite proud of myself.

What I learned

I've learned more about using flutter integrating with sqlite. that was the most annoying part for me. I've learned that i can do more by pushing myself mroe too. anyways my gf said i looked older just in one day lol.

What's next for sched

go thru more iteration cycle, split the god class, extend more functions

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