Hello, My name is Costin Teodorescu and with Tudor Chirila I've worked alongside at the FVM hackathon. Due to some technical difficulties that we've encountered we were late by a few minutes and couldn't submit the project. We wanted to ask if there is any chance to present our project.

Here is our video and our presentation:

Team Name: Scepter Video: https://youtu.be/4bDp2ka71lE GitLab: https://gitlab.com/TeodorescuCostin/scepter.git



"Knowledge is Power", as the words of a very well known proverb iterates. And, with modern services who control every means of data storage, you might wonder: "Who am I sharing my power with?". Our inspiration for 'Scepter' was the will to create an environment where everyone is free to share officially documented knowledge - with an accent on research data - in a safe and decentralized manner, no matter if you are part of an organization who wants to share discoveries with other organizations, or an independent researcher who wants to make their work known to the world.

What it does

'Scepter' provides an environment where each user can connect with their Metamask account(offering an ease of use in joining and using the application), and can upload, download and vote scientific documents. A few main focuses of our application are:

  1. Joining a Cluster Clusters are little 'Data Hubs' - where people associated with the same organization, or at least have a common purpose - store files specifically related to their association . Each member has access to the files of all the clusters they have joined. Moreover, we implemented the idea of a 'Collaborative Cluster' - the 'Town Hall', which everyone is automatically a member of, and can freely publish their work and browse the work of other people, thus creating an universal learning hub.
  2. Leaving a Cluster - users who no longer want to be part of a cluster-organization can exit that specific organization.
  3. Upvote/Downvoting files using quadratic voting, so that members who have access to the files can express their appreciation towards a specific research paper, in order to encourage authors and organizations to provide valuable work in that direction
  4. Uploading a scientific document of any kind in any cluster the user is a part of - everyone who is part of a cluster is free to upload a specific file which will be stored on that cluster. ## How we built it
  5. brainstorming (with a OneNote picture bellow while creating the whole project)
  6. setting out each requirement and what the app needs exactly to do
  7. gradually working on those requirements until a final version fo the app ## Challenges we ran into Some of the challenges we encountered are:
  8. Truffle doesn't provide a clear documentation regarding Filecoin interactions
  9. What if, as an organization, I don't want to share my whole archive of documents, but only a couple of files? We thought about creating some sort of intermediary clusters, or even nodes, where only shared files between two organizations are stored, although we haven't reached a working version with it.
  10. Should all people be allowed to publish absolutely anything? What if someone publishes something criminally offensive on the Collaborative Cluster? We thought about implementing a karma system in the future - which will be related with the points that the author's papers have - and people below a specific threshold in karma would not be able to post.
  11. Further security improvements on joining a specific cluster. ## Accomplishments that we're proud of
  12. the collaborative cluster
  13. successful file upload/download, voting and viewing by people in the same clusters
  14. successful operations of joining/existing clusters ## What we learned
  15. How to interact with the FVM
  16. using the Infura API and working with IPFS
  17. write better Solidity contracts
  18. write better application code ## What's next for Scepter The talked about karma and private nodes for even more security. We also thought about adding customization options, such as a profile picture for an user.
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