We love music and we love to travel. We wanted to pick the right music for the right occasion, based on where we were going.

What it does

Based on a location you enter, whether it be a general location, or a specific place, Scenic Music will recommend music suited to the scenery.

How we built it

We used TripAdvisor, Google Maps and Spotify's API's to gather data. The backend is written in JavaScript with JQuery, and the frontend is a website written in HTML and CSS. The website is hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform.

Challenges we ran into

Learning the perils of JavaScript, merging the work of multiple group members, hosting our web app online. One of the biggest challenges we faced was dealing with geographical coordinates and locations and trying to properly map them to the most suitable music.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Creating this gorgeous project

What we learned

JavaScript, JQuery, web API's, website development, teamwork

Github Page

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