So many people live in cities rich with diverse culture, yet have never explored the landmarks that their city has to offer. We want to empower citizens to explore their cities by providing them with beautiful scenic routes.

How it Works

Given your location, ScenicJogger generates four intelligent round-trip routes that takes you to as many scenic landmarks, historical sites, parks, and monuments, as possible. To help you decide on a scenic route, ScenicJogger generates a Hyperlapse preview of what you will actually be seeing on your jog using a compilation of Google Street View images.

ScenicJogger uses Twilio to send you a text with links to the routes in Google Maps, so you can easily follow the route while on your jog.

What's Next for ScenicJogger

We hope to continue improving the algorithm which recommends routes that pass through scenic landmarks. In addition, we want to gather data on popular user-chosen routes to help cities preserve historical landmarks and routes.

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