Initially we saw the BMW challenge to produce an app that would make drivers want to drive the BMW Motorcycle. We couldn't think of many things, but quickly realized that to do so, we had to provide drivers with an experience that would be more enjoyable on the motorcycle than anything else. The amount of exposure to the road's environment a driver has on a motorcycle is more than that of a car, so we decided that drivers of a motorcycle would likely enjoy beautiful scenery to a greater degree. With that, we decided to produce an app which would maximize their capability to do so while still allowing them to go to where they wanted to be.

How it works

Our app enables users to query their own location (or manually enter one) and provide a destination. It then looks for scenic places in the area such as parks within the radius of the origin to destination and the user may map any of the located scenic points as one of the midpoints of his/her route. The application then generates a URL value which users may share with their friends or directly open with a compatible mobile app like Google Maps or Chrome.

Challenges I ran into

Various technical challenges were encountered in this project: early on, we had to decide on an API to use to find Moreover, when we decided on Google Maps, parts of the API for Google Maps for route production were not well documented.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are very proud of our seamless mapping and user experience as well as our app's ability to provide links that Android can detect are meant to be opened with Google Maps. We also provide a smooth Address Autocomplete for both the origin and destination of the route powered by Google, which we are very excited to present.

What I learned

Over the course of this project, we learned many things concerning Google Maps API as well as various subtleties concerning projects utilizing Google Maps Locations Autocomplete.

What's next for Scenic View

Our goals for the future are to expand this project to enable users to more easily share their routes with their friends and allow people to enjoy more deeply places that may not be well documented in Google Maps, but documented by other APIs.

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